Basic Assessor Training Online

The Basic Assessor Training (BAT) is designed to give people who have very little knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model a basic understanding of the structure and the 3 key elements: the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence, the EFQM Excellence Model and the RADAR Logic. Read more

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29.10.2014 - 31.12.2019 Belgium, Brussels English
Within the EFQM Training Portfolio, this will be the "first step" on the excellence pathway for potential EFQM Assessors and line managers.

This version of the Basic Assessor Training is provided as an online e-training. It is divided in 8 modules. Each module is composed of the workbook chapter, a video, for some, a practical exercise, and a short test at the end to check the level of understanding.

Once you have bought your access to this online course, we will provide you with your login and details to access the Basic Assessor Training on the EFQM eLearning platform.