Excellence One Tool Book

A practical set of ready-to-use tools

It encompasses the templates, checklists and help-cards you need to make a difference, which provide a comprehensive coverage of techniques that can be applied across the EFQM Excellence Model.

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Your supports to day to day activities by providing guidance to make things happen.

The book supports your day to day activities by providing you with the guidance necessary to make things happen. Learn the tools, apply them, reflect on what you have learnt - little by little, you will grow your individual abilities, you will become skilful at facilitating teams, selecting the right tools and even inventing the ones you need.

Seek some guidance. Look for advisor. But more than anything else, dare to use such tools on regular basis. No one will find you too systematic, annoying or slow as you will all discover together how to make things happen much faster and with enthusiasm as a gift.The best coach is your own hope, the best teacher is practice and the best reward is happiness.

As a conclusion, to achieve excellence, you need to do 2 things...

1. You need to understand, digest, live by and share the principles and practices that have been discovered over a century of organisational improvement.

2. You need to master, use and share the tools that are relevant to your needs and those of your organisation.


This book features 68 tools categorised by the Model Enablers. Each of these tools are desdcribed as follows:

Why would you like to use this tool (deliverables): a description of what you can expect to achieve if you use this tool, a problem or a set of circumstances that you wish to understand further

How to use this tool (steps): a description of the key steps to follow if you want to apply this tool rigorously

When would you use this tool (context): the context in which you might want to use this tool. This might be an approach to excellence, a process or an event

What could be done next: a description of the possibilities you have to maximise the benefits of the tool, after completing all the steps

How to make the best use of the tool (tips and traps): tips to help maximise the benefits of the tools, and traps to avoid

Second page: to demonstrate an application of the tool or information that aids further understanding of how the tool can be applied