EFQM Posters: set of 3 graphics

DIMENSIONS: 920 x 570

1) EFQM Excellence Model
2) Fundamental Concepts
3) RADAR logic

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The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence outline the
essential foundation for achieving sustainable
excellence for any organisation. They can be used as
the basis to describe the attributes of an excellent
organisational culture. They also serve as a common
language for senior management.
The EFQM Excellence Model allows Managers / Leaders
to understand the cause and effect relationships
between what their organisation does and the results it
achieves. With the support of RADAR logic it is possible
to make a robust assessment of the degree of excellence
of any organisation.
The RADAR logic provides a structured approach to
question the performance of an organisation. It also
supports the scoring mechanism behind the EFQM
Excellence Award and other recognition or assessment
schemes and can help to lead change