DMAIC Improvement Methodology

Your simple way to start use DMAIC principles to structure improvement projects in your organisation.

There is a clear alignment between the DMAIC approach and the RADAR, although the RADAR is an ongoing cycle which looks at continually improving and refining approaches over time.

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We all come across problems within our working environment. The temptation is to immediately move into "solution mode" before we really understand what's causing the problem we're observing.

DMAIC is a structured approach for problem solving. It is often used in Six Sigma or Lean approaches to define the stages of a project. It provides a framework for understanding the root causes of a problem and then developing appropriate solutions to eliminate them.

The DMAIC approach itself can be used both within and outside these techniques. It is scalable and can be used to tackle a range of different problems, from relatively simple to highly complex.

In this guide we explain a simple a simple way to start using these principles to structure improvement projects in your organisation.


If you're just starting out using DMAIC, or any problem solving tools, it's advisable to start with simple problems that can be resolved relatively quickly. Not only does this help to demonstrate results relatively quickly, it also helps to build people's confidence in the tools. The more often you use the tools, the easier they become to use effectively.