Customer Perception Benchmark Report 2014

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The Key to Happy Customers? Take Good Care of Your Employees. What goes along with keeping your customers happy is who is helping to keep your customers happy - your employees. If you build a positive working environment for your employees it’ll be much easier for them to deliver ...

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Customers who love your company - your true believers - say that they "can't live without it." They shop more often, buy more, tell others about it, and - most importantly - are less price sensitive. Customers who don’t like your company spread negative messages to stop others from doing business with you. In the end of the day it is all about promotors and detractors.

Customer strategy that does not take into account this phenomenon is not going to guarantee delighted customer. Understanding how and why consumers make certain buying decisions is integral to provide products and services that customers not only want and buy but also promote those for you.

A successful organisation identifies and measures what their customers value and uses this information to improve their internal processes, products and services and delivers increasing value for all customers. In doing so, an organisation can focus on the right products and services and eliminate processes or products that are not providing any added value for customers.