Assessor Scorebook 2013

This printed version of the scorebook supports you, as an assessor, to conduct an internal assessment, for instance. It is assumed that users of this scorebook are familiar with the EFQM Excellence Model 2013, and particularly the section on the RADAR logic.

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Your support, as an Assessor, to conduct internal assessments

Users of this scorebook will already have read carefully the EFQM Excellence Model 2013, particularly the section on the RADAR Logic.

This printed version can support Assessors in their work, for instance, to conduct an internal Assessment. More specifically, Assessors can use this scorebook to :
  • List Strengths and Areas For Improvement (AFIs) for each criterion part.

  • In the scoring matrix, give a score for each attribute that is aligned to the list of Strengths and AFIs.

  • Establish an overall score for an Element by combining the scores of the attributes linked to the element.

  • Score all the elements, finally come up with an overall score for the criterion part.

  • Record the score on the Scoring summary sheet at the end of this scorebook and move on to the next criterion part.

  • Write the Executive Summary. These are high level points the assessors will feedback to the top management, usually grouped under the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence. These should be high level points which relate to the organisation's ability to achieve their Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives.
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