EFQM Innovation Challenge - New Collaboration

It is increasingly normal for organisations to work with partners to achieve desired results for their stakeholders. There are many situations where working in these formal and informal arrangements is necessary in order for complementary capabilities to deliver the outcomes for customers, for example. This award acknowledges ... Read more

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Why apply?
This award gives you the opportunity to share the success of a partnership, from which you are proud of its achievements. As this award reflects the positive nature of working together this could be the ideal time to submit a joint application with your partner organisation(s) to promote how well it was developed and what have been the successes.

Application criteria
The judges will be looking for successful partnership arrangements which you consider demonstrate excellence in the way the partnership was developed, the way it works together on a day to day basis and the results achieved from that partnership for the relevant stakeholders. Applications for this award must be from different organisations and not from within the same group or a department within the same organisation.