EFQM Innovation Challenge - Customer Experience

Have you introduced some positive changes within your organisation which have resulted in an enhanced and improved customer experience? Do you want to share and showcase this success with others? Do you consider what you have done as an example of excellence? Read more

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18.02.2019 - 31.05.2019 Belgium, Brussels English
Why apply?
Be recognised as a premium, award-winning customer experience provider while gaining external recognition for the hard work and success achieved by you and your team. This will help you boost your workplace morale by recognising your employees for their contributions, establish credibility among customers with award-winning Customer Experience services, and attract new clients through PR exposure.

Application criteria
The Jury will be looking to learn about what you consider excellent in the way a customer focused project has been planned and implemented. They will want to know how you can demonstrate that excellence through best practice approaches with supporting results.